Be@rbrick Coffin of Hornedjitef

British Museum collaboration collectible toys

The British Museum has one of the biggest collections of ancient Egyptian art but when it comes to which of its items is the most recognizable, the first is probably going to be the coffin of Hornedjitef, a priest from the third century BC. And why would an ancient Egyptian art masterpiece be in a shop about Japan? Because MediCom, the Japanese company responsible for the Be@rbrick series of collectible figures, has included it in its line: the result is the magnificent Be@rbrick Coffin of Hornedjitef, an incredible combination of classical and contemporary civilization!

The Be@rbrick Coffin of Hornedjitef isn't just one figure, but two: the regularly sized 70 mm (2.8") bear and a larger figure sized 280 mm (11"). Like all Be@rbrick toys, they are made of ABS and like all Be@rbrick art bears, the reproduction of the original is amazing, doing justice to the artists who painted the priest's coffin almost 25 centuries ago. A masterpiece that rightfully bears the endorsement of the British Museum, this is one of the best Be@rbrick figure sets you can get and a real investment for the future!

Specs and Features:

  • Pair of Be@rbrick figures (100% and 400% versions)
  • Height: 100% approx. 70 mm (2.8"), 400% approx. 280 mm (11")
  • Limited edition made in collaboration with the British Museum
  • Material: ABS
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