Azuchi-MBC City Cycle ck2 Bike

Designer folding bicycle from Kyoto


Elegant and awe-inspiring, free and unfettered: ride around the city in this mini velo bike, the ck2 by Azuchi-MBC. The Kyoto-based design studio has created a series of sophisticated bicycles with inspirations from traditional Japan. In addition to the vibrant red coloring, there are sakura cherry blossom motifs (one of the symbols of Kyoto) and gold trimmings.

Azuchi-MBC City Cycle ck2 Bike

Being a fold-up bike, it also saves on space and can be taken onto public transport around the city, plus there are seven gears for coping with those urban slopes. So while the color scheme and design really makes this two-wheeler stand out, you don't sacrifice on function over style.

Azuchi-MBC City Cycle ck2 Bike

The Azuchi-MBC City Cycle ck2 Bike features:

  • Frame: 20-inch aluminum (6061)
  • Folding road-type
  • Handle bar: aluminum straight bar
  • Brakes: V-brake
  • Handle stem: quick release, dismountable
  • Shifter: microshift TS50-7 (7 speed)
  • Rear derailleur: Shimano TZ50 7-speed
  • Kick stand: center stand
  • Gold parts: pedals, handle stem, seat post, hub, rim, seat pin
  • Weight: 12.1kg (27 lb)
  • Bell not included
  • Manual: Japanese
  • Please be aware in advance that this product cannot be cancelled after ordering
  • Please allow an extra week for delivery