Yura Yura Cafe Game

Reversi, balance mini coffee cup games

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Despite its rich history of green tea and the tea ceremony, coffee is huge in modern-day Japan. Cafes and coffee shops are everywhere, as are wide and varied coffee menus. Yura Yura Cafe Game pays tribute to this culture in four neat games. Featuring five types of coffee cups, players can play Balance Cafe where they have to place a coffee on top of another drink according to the order card that is drawn.

Yura Yura Cafe Game

Black or Milk Reversi is a novel take on a classic board game. Speed Order Cafe tests your skills at preparing the right coffee beverage, assembling the right pieces according to the order card. Finally, Coffee Cup Tower offers an exciting challenge, seeing how far you can build and balance a structure of the cups (try different shapes to vary the challenge).

Yura Yura Cafe Game

The Yura Yura Cafe Game features:

  • Four games: Balance Cafe, Black or Milk Reversi, Speed Order Cafe, Coffee Cup Tower
  • For 2-3 players
  • Includes "tray" board x 1, balance mount x 1, red coffee cups x 20, green coffee cups x 5, chocolate chip pieces x 5, caramel whip x 5, steam milk x 5, lids x 10, order cards x 25
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to play)

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