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Yu Wa I Wine Bottle Bag

Traditional crafts designer bottle carrier

Designed by Yuki Tanaka, this is another example of the superb contemporary crafts springing up in the regions around Japan today. The Yu Wa I is a wine bottle bag carrier, inspired and informed by traditional Japanese mizuhiki cord techniques, often seen as awaji muzubi on envelopes or other decorations. Made using washi Japanese paper, the string is intricately and beautifully tied, creating an unusual and sophisticated look that is also strong enough to carry actual bottles.

Yu Wa I Wine Bottle Bag

It is available four different designs and colors. Sekka is white like luscious snow. Houga is a deep green for sprouting natural buds. Inaho is a golden brown for the color of new rice, while Kouchin is the vibrant tone of red camellia.

Yu Wa I Wine Bottle Bag

The Yu Wa I Wine Bottle Bag features:

  • Versions: Sekka, Houga, Inaho, Kouchin
  • Designed by Yuki Tanaka
  • Materials: Washi (Japanese paper)
  • Size: flexible (carries most bottle sizes)

Poids d'expédition: 0.15Kg / 0.33lbs
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