Yojiya Miyako Konomi Beauty Set

Historical Kyoto store face and hand skincare pack

€ 64

It has been in Kyoto for over a century, servicing geisha and other types of performance artists, but what most Japanese know the store Yojiya for is their aburatori-gami, a delicate yet powerful blotting paper that removes surplus oil from your face's skin and leaves it smooth like silk. So it goes without saying that in a face and hand care kit like the Yojiya Miyako Konomi Beauty Set, the blotting sheets would be front and center – and they are, but there's a lot that comes with them too!

For one, there's a 30 g (1 oz) tube of Mayugomori Hand Cream, another Yojiya long-seller containing sericin, a protein found in silk that is a natural moisturizer. And then there's the Yojiya's Paper Face Soap, which creates a fine foam made of natural vegetable oil that removes dirt and old keratin from your face, and a 100% natural cotton moisturizing face mask. Add a small handheld mirror, a plastic case for carrying the whole set, and a handkerchief, and you have a care kit for your face and hands just like that you would find in a Kyoto geisha's drawstring purse!

Specs and Features:

  • Made by famous Kyoto cosmetics store Yojiya
  • Contains pack of blotting sheets, plastic case, round handheld mirror, handkerchief, face paper soap, hand cream (30 g/1 oz), moisturizing face mask
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese
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€ 64

€ 64