Yojiya Makeup Brush Set

Traditional Kyoto store cosmetics kit

Yojiya is a store in Kyoto founded by a peddler of makeup equipment in 1904 and which has become synonymous with the city's cosmetics culture. All these years later, it still hasn't forgotten its roots: even today, both members of Kyoto's entertainment world (yes, geisha included) and civilians who want the same level of quality from their makeup tools turn to Yojiya for the best in town, and the store never fails to deliver. The Yojiya Makeup Brush Set is another fine example of their craftsmanship when it comes to makeup tools.

All five brushes in the Yojiya Brush Set are made of ebony and natural furs: squirrel for the cheek and big shadow brushes, goat for the small shadow brush, badger for the eyebrows brush, and weasel for the lips brush. And they come in a box made of white paulownia wood that, besides being very beautiful and classy, is also very good for keeping humidity at bay. This is the reason such boxes are used in all classical Japanese items like pottery or calligraphy scrolls. A set that is both practical and pleasing to the eye and fit for a geisha from Kyoto's Gion area!

Specs and Features:

  • Made by famous Kyoto cosmetics store Yojiya
  • 5 brushes: cheek, shadow (big), shadow (small), eyebrows, lips
  • Fur: cheek/squirrel, shadow (big)/squirrel, shadow (small)/goat, eyebrows/badger, lips/weasel
  • Material: ebony
  • Comes in deluxe paulownia box
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese
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