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Sushi Teacup Candle

Japanese tea cup-shaped candle

Everybody has heard of Sado (the tea ceremony) but the Japanese don't go through that long ritual every time they want a cup of green tea! As any visit to even the most run-of-the-mill sushi restaurant will tell you, the easiest way is to grab a yunomi cup, fill it with hot water, add a tiny spoonful of konacha (powdered green tea), stir, and drink. This type of tea has become enough of a staple in sushi eateries to get its own special name (agari) and to lead to one of the most famous souvenirs from Japan: a yunomi teacup, decorated with the names of various fish. Exactly like this Sushi Teacup Candle!

Sushi Teacup Candle

Nested in a real ceramic yunomi and green tea scented, the Sushi Teacup Candle looks, feels and smells like the real thing. Moreover, as it burns down the candle wax levels will lower, making it look as if someone has been drinking from it (the candle lasts for about 15 hours). An original souvenir for all Japanese culture aficionados and especially for those fond of sushi!

Sushi Teacup Candle

The Sushi Teacup Candle features:

  • Kerosene-free paraffin
  • Green tea fragrance
  • Size: 62 x 75mm (2.4 x 2.9")
  • Weight: 270g (9.5 oz)
  • Candle burns for about 15 hours
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to use)

Poids d'expédition: 0.3Kg / 0.66lbs
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