Suneo Honakawa Lies Trump Cards

Doraemon manga character by Fujiko F Fujio

Fans of Fujio's Doraemon will love these Suneo Honakawa Lies Trump Cards, featuring the classmate of Nobi Nobita. Fujiko F Fujio's timeless imagination created the entertaining character of Suneo Honekawa, who is more than a little fond of telling lies about himself. These cards are based on cells from the Doraemon manga by the Fujiko F Fujio writing duo. This is a full pack of 56 cards, 13 in four suits and 2 jokers, plus 2 special cards.

Suneo Honakawa Lies Trump Cards

The Suneo Honakawa Lies Trump Cards features:

  • Cards: 56
  • Card size: 89 x 58mm (3.5 x 2.3")
  • Cards are only in Japanese

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