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Sony Action Cam Dog Camera Mount

Pet video harness

Get the unique home movie you've always wanted and learn just what it is that your pooch does when you're not around with this Sony Action Cam Dog Mount, designed for the robust outdoors HDR-AS15 video camera. This quality harness will keep the camera steady while your canine friend is busy exploring the outside world, giving you a special dog's-eye-view on the proceedings when you finally retrieve the footage.

Sony Action Cam Dog Camera Mount

The lightweight, comfortable plastic mount is great if you and your dog like to take extreme outings (caves, mountains, rivers!), and then re-watch the highlights later from a whole new perspective!

Sony Action Cam Dog Camera Mount

The Sony Action Cam Dog Mount features:

  • Dog harness mount AKA-DM1
  • Designed for HDR-AS15 Sony Action Cam (widely available)
  • Suitable for dogs only
  • Fits dog sizes with stomach circumference 50-80cm (19.7-31.5"), weight 15kg (33.1 lb).
  • Size: 180mm x 50mm x 150mm (7.1 x 2 x 5.9")
  • Weight: around 128g (4.5 oz)
  • Materials: plastic
  • Instructions: Japanese

Sony Action Cam Dog Camera Mount
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