Sleep Vantage Head Hug Pillow

Sleep aid headrest

If it's medical-grade insomnia you suffer from, you should probably seek help from your doctor. But even for those without a medical condition, sleep doesn't always come easy, especially (and surprisingly) after a tiring and intense day: your brain can't seem to stop overworking, sounds and lights feel magnified, and despite the fact you feel tired, you end up spending over an hour tossing and turning, getting irritated and not managing to enjoy your sleep even when it comes. If this sounds familiar, the Sleep Vantage Head Hug Pillow is the solution to your problem!

And it is such a clever solution too! Combining a 40 x 70 cm (15.7 x 27.6") pillow with a cutout at the neck that allows it to hug the back of your head with a cover that goes over your eyes, the Sleep Vantage Head Hug Pillow enwraps your whole head, leaving just your nose and mouth uncovered so you can breath freely. With your eyes covered as if wearing a sleep mask and your ears sunk inside the pillow and the cover, outside stimuli are limited so you have fewer distractions – and you can finally sleep peacefully!

Specs and Features:

  • Limits exposure to light and sound
  • Washable
  • Dimensions: 40 x 70 cm (15.7 x 27.6")
  • Material: polyester
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