Shiwanon Clear Tape Wrinkle Fixer

Face tape for wrinkles

If you spend your whole life (starting from the time you're a teenager) paying attention to everything from your diet to your exercise, exposure to the sun, and hydration of your skin, you might be able postpone the appearance of wrinkles. But especially when it comes to the area around the eyes, avoiding them completely is a lost cause. Is there a solution? Well, there's always plastic surgery, but the Japanese have come up with some less drastic solutions like the Shiwanon Clear Tape Wrinkle Fixer!

Pulling the skin tight using transparent tape has been something the film industry's makeup professionals have been doing for decades. The Shiwanon Clear Tape Wrinkle Fixer is one such tape but created using 21st-century technology: it is ultra-thin (as in, 0.025 mm / 0.001" thin!) and very durable. Each box contains eight sheets of 10 pieces of tape each. Practically invisible even without makeup, the tape is perfect for special occasions but also very great for using when you sleep as a preventive measure against those signs of aging!

Specs and Features:

  • 8 sheets
  • Tape/sheet: 10
  • Tape thickness: 0.025 mm (0.001")
  • Tape material: polyethylene, acrylic adhesive
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