SFIDA Scalp Line Massager

Men's head massage comb

Give yourself a head massage with the SFIDA Scalp Line. In Japan, a country known for long, stressful working hours, shiatsu head massage methods have long been used to ease tension, improve sleep patterns, and promote healthy, shiny hair. This popular Japanese massage comb is used to relax and stimulate the scalp. The SFIDA Scalp Line is designer to both increase blood flow to the root area of hair follicles, and to loosen any excess dirt and oil that may have built up.

SFIDA Scalp Line Massager

When you use this product you will feel an invigorating, relaxing tingle throughout your scalp. Gently run the product through your hair, moving in the direction of the hair growth. For the ideal home spa experience,this comb is best used during, or after shampooing. It can also be stored at the office, and used as a quick stress buster. The SFIDA Scalp Line can be your daily five-minute ritual that melts your tension away.

SFIDA Scalp Line Massager

The SFIDA Scalp Line Massager features:

  • Recommended for men but can be used by women too
  • Do not use on scalps with bumps and cuts
  • Size: 90 × 30 × 185mm (3.54 x 1.18 x 7.28")
  • Weight: 30g (1.05 oz)
  • Materials: PP
  • Made in Japan

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