Sekkisei MYV Actirise Emulsion

Easy-absorption moisturizing skincare

Even in a country with abundant humidity like Japan, the skin becomes fatigued from exposure to the sun, so the need for something that keeps it moisturized becomes more pressing. If you want something that moisturizes your skin but, at the same time, avoids the richness and thick texture of your usual day cream, emulsions are the way to go. And few emulsions are lighter but more effective than the Sekkisei MYV Actirise Emulsion, which envelops your skin gently and gives it firmness and lift from the inside.

The Sekkisei MYV Actirise Emulsion's active ingredients, all from Asian flora (root extracts from Angelica acutiloba and Melothria heterophylla, combined with ferment filtrates from rice bran extract, soybean extract, sake lees, and Job's tears/ma-yuen seed), give your skin a luminous glow and, at the same time, soften and leave it moist and hydrated. It is available in two types (Regular and Enriched) and comes in an attractive bottle. To use, just two pumps on a cotton pad are enough for a sweep after you have toned your skin with your regular lotion.

Specs and Features:

  • 140 ml (4.7 fl oz)
  • Options: Regular, Enriched
  • Contains: water, glycerin, mineral oil (paraffinum liquidum or huile minérale), alcohol, Angelica acutiloba root extract, bacillus/rice bran extract/soybean extract ferment filtrate, Melothria heterophylla root extract, rice ferment filtrate (sake), Job's tears (ma-yuen) seed ferment filtrate, fragrance (perfume), etc.
  • Use after toning skin with lotion (2 pumps onto a cotton pad)
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese
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