Rainbow Candles Dinner Candle Set

Unique multi-color flame design

These Rainbow Candles burn like nothing you have ever seen before, conjuring up transfixing flame art right before your eyes. Designed and made by Hiroo Matsudaira, these are said to be the first candles of their kind in the world, a veritable firework display in miniature. The secret is the patented ring of combustion control, with colors painted in the flame by the copper, lithium, potassium and sodium burning up. The eye then perceives these as a rainbow effect.

Rainbow Candles Dinner Candle Set

They have been created by Matsudaira's small workshop in Kanazawa City, a traditional center for Japanese arts on the west coast of the country. Ideal for a party or special occasion, the Rainbow Candles will illuminate your home in multiple hues and colors of green, red, purple and yellow.

This set of three small dinner candles are an ideal started pack. They burn in rainbow patterns for five minutes, before burning as ordinary candles for a further 120 minutes.

Rainbow Candles Dinner Candle Set

The Rainbow Candles Dinner Candle Set features:

  • Set of 3 candles
  • Burn for around 5 minutes as "rainbow" colors and then around 120 minutes as ordinary candles
  • Do not pour water over candles if you want to extinguish them early. Please blow them out.
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to understand)

Rainbow Candles Dinner Candle Set
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