Pokemon MixWatch

Buildable, customizable Nintendo characters theme watch

It's never too early to get into Pokemon and the Pokemon MixWatch is a great way to get your children hooked on the franchise. And it's also because it helps them learn to tell the time (even in this day and age, you can't beat an analog-type watch for that!) and encourage their creativity. The "mix" part in the watch's name is the key: what you get here are parts to build dozens of different watches, all featuring Nintendo's lovable Pocket Monsters characters.

The Pokemon MixWatch is a set of one main watch mechanism and two different straps, three different frames, four faces, and five strap decorations. This means over 120 possible combinations of Pokemon-themed watches that your children will enjoy making and wearing at school. They could even make a different one every day! A fun and creative project as well as a unique accessory they can continue to personalize and update for a long time. Oh, and if you don't have children, it's not bad as a pop fashion accessory for adults either!

The Pokemon MixWatch features:

  • Buildable, customizable Nintendo characters theme watch
  • Dimensions: 30 x 10 x 38 mm (1.1 x 0.4 x 1.4")
  • Battery: button-type SR626SW
  • Comes with 2 straps, 3 frames, 4 faces, 5 strap decorations
  • Material: plastic
  • For ages: 6 and over
  • Licensed Pokemon merchandise
  • Instructions: Japanese
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