Pinky Queen Top Pack

Skin powder hide nipple color

Hide those tell-tale signs on your chest that can ruin your appearance with this Pinky Queen Top Pack. Made with a composite of multiple cosmetic ingredients, including water, polyvinyl alcohol, Sophora flavescens extract, placenta and more, women can add a discreet amount of the flesh-colored pack to their body to combat dark spots or uneven patches on their busts and nipples.

Pinky Queen Top Pack

If you worry about the color of your nipples and breasts, and want to make them lighter and more in tune with the rest of your body, just try applying this powder and notice the results. Just wait for the pack to dry and then take off. It also comes with a faint fragrance of rose, making this a very pleasant cosmetic tool indeed.

Pinky Queen Top Pack

The Pinky Queen Top Pack features:

  • Composite of 9 varieties of beauty ingredients
  • 40g (1.4 oz)
  • Faint fragrance of roses
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to apply)
  • Stop using immediately if there are rashes, itches or other reactions with your skin
  • Apply a light pack layer only. If applied too thickly, it will take too long to dry
  • Made in Japan

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