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Oyasumi Goodnight Brow Stretcher

Sleeping band fights wrinkles on skin at night

Combat those unsightly wrinkles that can develop on your brow or between the eyebrows with this Oyasumi Goodnight Stretcher, a simple but effective remedy for improving the condition of your skin and fighting the signs of aging. While you sleep you can put the time to good use! The band fits around your hand snugly and comfortably, so light you do not even realize it is there.

Oyasumi Goodnight Brow Stretcher

But it is there and it's fighting wrinkles by stretching the skin. Also, on the inside of the band are a series of far-infrared dots that work to heat up the skin. Meanwhile the silicone and hyaluronan compound materials provide moisture and support to the surface of your face, making anti-wrinkle stretching even more effective.

Oyasumi Goodnight Brow Stretcher

The Oyasumi Goodnight Brow Stretcher features:

  • Size: free (fits head size 54-59cm, 21.3-23.2")
  • Made from nylon, polyurethane, silicone
  • Made in Japan

Oyasumi Goodnight Brow Stretcher
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