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NoPoPo Eco Water-powered AA Batteries

Two sets of three batteries

This battery is as weird as it is totally cool. The NoPoPo (No Pollution Power) Battery charges with almost any liquid out there, from water to beer to cola to... wait for it... human urine! That's right, come the apocalypse, your drinking water can also power your flashlight.

NoPoPo Eco Water-powered AA Batteries

Charging the NoPoPo is simple: just suck your liquid of choice up with the syringe, then squeeze it into the battery. Besides being incredibly handy, the NoPoPo batteries are also good for the earth, with 100% non-toxic materials and a ten-year shelf life. Please note that these batteries are not suitable for appliances and items that require high levels of power instantaneously.

NoPoPo Eco Water-powered AA Batteries

The NoPoPo Eco Water-powered AA Batteries features:

  • Two sets of three batteries (AA batteries x 6 in total)
  • Proprietary NoPoPo hydro-electric battery from Aqua Power Japan
  • Holds charge up to ten years
  • Can be charged up to five times
  • Also charges with beer, sake, cola, or even urine
  • Not suitable for digital cameras, digital audio equipment, filament bulb flashlights, digital transmitters, motor-driven equipment, and similar items that require high amounts of power instantaneously
  • Size: 9.65 x 2.75cm (3.75 x 1.08")
  • Current: 60mA-300mA
  • Capacity: 1.6Ah-0.6Ah
  • Voltage: 1.5V
  • Manual: Japanese

Poids d'expédition: 0.35Kg / 0.77lbs
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