Cherry Blossom Sale 2023
Cherry Blossom Sale 2023

Nixie Tube Clock

Cold cathode display

Featuring time display, calendar, cross-fade and numeral shuffle, and all powered by USB, the Nixie Tube Clock is a very modern take on a very retro way of displaying numbers. Featuring a wooden frame available in four colors (white, black, maple or walnut), this cold cathode display will appeal to the inner engineer in you.

Nixie Tube Clock

Developed by a local Kawasaki company with government assistance, this nifty but rather stylish wood and glass tube electronic device delights and inspires the scientific soul.

Nixie Tube Clock

The Nixie Tube Clock features:

  • Frame color: white, black, walnut, maple
  • Size: 16 x 4 x 12.5cm (6.3 x 1.7 x 4.9")
  • Functions: clock, calendar, shuffle, cross-fade
  • Nixie tubes NL-807
  • Back-up function (clock display function continues even with no power)
  • 5V, USB
  • Instructions: Japanese

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