Nihonsakari Bihatsu Shampoo and Treatment

Sake yeast extract hair care

Sake breweries have long functioned as cosmetics manufacturers: because they have access to koji (the mold used to make sake) and nuka (rice bran), both of which are beneficial for the body and particularly for the skin, sake manufacturers also make amazing products like the Nihonsakari Bihatsu Shampoo and Treatment! If you're looking for hair care that doesn't just clean your scalp and hair but also makes them healthier, this is it!

The Nihonsakari Bihatsu Shampoo and Treatment keeps the conditions of your scalp balanced and promotes hair growth from two extracts: chimpi (sun-dried mandarin orange peel) and sake yeast extract. Aided by avocado oil, orange oil, and seaweed extract, this shampoo and treatment set keeps your hair moisturized, fixes cracks and splits, and eliminates stiffness, making it soft to brush and touch. Both items come in 300 ml (10.1 fl oz) bottles with pumps for more efficient dispensing.

Specs and Features:

  • Shampoo and treatment
  • Contains: chimpi (sun-dried mandarin orange peel), sake yeast extract, avocado oil, orange oil, seaweed extract
  • No fragrance, colorants, parabens, silicone
  • Reduced acidity
  • Made by Hyogo Prefecture sake maker Nihonsakari (est. 1889)
  • Bottle type: pump
  • 300 ml (10.1 fl oz) per bottle
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