Minutes Gym digital video trainer

The Minutes Gym from Takara Tomy makes it simple and fun to start an effective at-home exercise routine, in over 100,000 3-minute variations! Animated avatars motivate you and guide your workouts, and its built-in body-fat analyzer and workout history let you see yourself making real progress towards a healthier you.

The Minutes Gym's advanced interval routines work you more intensely and in a shorter period of time than traditional cardio, so you can see real results in only a few minutes a day. Plus, its small size means you can take your video workout anywhere and simply plug it in!

Minutes Gym digital video trainer

How to use the Minutes Gym:

  • Plug into TV
  • Enter your personal data and measure your body fat to create a personalized training program
  • Follow along with the on-screen instructors
  • Look great naked...eventually.

Minutes Gym digital video trainer

The Minutes Gym features:

  • Animated avatars that track your health, progress, and goals
  • Over 100,000 guided three-minute interval workouts
  • Integrated body-fat sensor
  • Displays up to three months of workout history
  • One-step setup: just plug it in!
  • Weight: 10g
  • Dimensions: 48x120x24mm
  • Power: Three (3) AAA batteries, sold separately
  • Connectivity: Composite A/V (red/white) cable included
  • Manual & language: Japanese

  • Minutes Gym digital video trainer

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