Licca-chan Stylish Doll Collection Lady Violet Style

Multi-outfit fashion dress-up doll

Like Barbie, the American doll that pretty much set the stage for fashion dolls back in the late 1950s, Takara Tomy's Licca-chan (who appeared in the Japanese market just eight years later) comes in any outfit you can think of. But again like Barbie (and perhaps even more these days), where she really shines is in her fashion sense, graced with clothing that you could very well see on the streets of Tokyo's Ginza. Like what she's wearing in the Licca-chan Stylish Doll Collection Lady Violet Style!

The set contains a beautiful Licca-chan doll with three clothing items: a purple top and two skirts (a pleated one in matching purple, and a chiffon white one with a floral pattern, plus Licca-chan's monogram in gold). Choose the one you want Licca-chan to wear and the other can go on the mannequin that comes with the set. And because a girl needs to have a purpose, you also get a shopping bag and shoe box so your stylish Licca-chan will look as if she just came back from shopping!

Specs and Features:

  • Includes Licca-chan doll (top, chiffon skirt, underwear, earrings), side-pleated skirt, big chiffon scrunchie, shoulder bag, bracelet, pumps, paper bag, shoe box, shoe box sheet, mannequin, accessories stand
  • For ages 15 and above
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