Kuchofuku Spacer Shoulder Pads

Air-circulating pads to keep off sweat

You have already bought your Kuchofuku air-conditioned jacket from Japan Trend Shop's huge collection – or maybe a blouson or vest. But there are times when you need to carry a backpack or something on your shoulders, and then the air from the fans doesn't circulate as effectively as it should. Or maybe you don't even own an item of Kuchofuku clothing but want a quick hack to keep the sweat from running down your back when you're carrying a backpack or something on your shoulders. If this sounds familiar, the Kuchofuku Spacer Shoulder Pads are for you!

Looking like a light (a very light) version of the pads used by American football players, the Kuchofuku Spacer Shoulder Pads cover your shoulders and upper part of your chest and back with a specially designed material that allows the air (from the fans or the actual air) to move freely, naturally cooling you. They are very light (just 225 g, 7.9 oz) and you don't need to worry about size because they can fit pretty much any type of body. And they come with a pair of hook and loop fastener pads that allow you to fix them more firmly on your clothes!

Specs and Features:

  • Size: one size fits all
  • Weight: approx. 225 g (7.9 oz)
  • Comes with hook and loop fastener pads
  • Compatible with other Kuchofuku items
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