Kuchofuku Air-conditioned Jacket

Unisex cooling work wear

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The latest entry in the unique and best-selling series of "cooling" work wear, the Kuchofuku Air-conditioned Jacket provides comfort while you work those long hours in difficult, hot conditions. The twin integrated fans supply a cooling breeze inside the zip-up jacket, blowing air (adjustable to four different levels) to keep you from sweating and overheating.

Kuchofuku Air-conditioned Jacket

The jacket is unisex and flexible enough to be suitable for a range of working environments and scenarios. It is also available in five attractive colors and six sizes.

Kuchofuku Air-conditioned Jacket

The Kuchofuku Air-conditioned Jacket features:

  • Colors: navy, red, silver, black, blue
  • Sizes: M, L, 2L, XL, 4L, 5L
  • M size (chest): 116cm (46")
  • L size (chest): 120cm (47")
  • 2L size (chest): 124cm (48")
  • XL size (chest): 132cm (52")
  • 4L size (chest): 140cm (55")
  • 5L size (chest): 148cm (58")
  • Materials: polyester
  • Power: AA batteries
  • Four power settings
  • Instructions: Japanese

Kuchofuku Air-conditioned Jacket
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