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Koromogakae Modern Furoshiki

Wrapping cloth carry bag

The Koromogakae is a contemporary take on the classic Japanese furoshiki wrapping cloth that is incredibly versatile. It can be used to wrap gifts or possessions, and also to carry things like a bag in your hand, over your shoulder, or wrapped around the top of a suitcase. The cloth can be tied and adjusted into a variety of shapes: a tote bag, a shoulder bag, a wine bottle carrier, and more. It even functions as a napkin or sheet for babies to sit on while they play.

Koromogakae Modern Furoshiki

There are three colors with Japanese patterns. The red version features mini mountains while the pale blue design has white flower shapes and the black and white one has waves.

Koromogakae Modern Furoshiki

The Koromogakae Modern Furoshiki features:

  • Versions: red (mountains), blue (flowers), black (waves)
  • Size: around 90 x 90cm (35.4 x 35.4")
  • Materials: polyester, cotton, polyurethane

Koromogakae Modern Furoshiki
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