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Kobito Dukan Character Cuddly Toy

Kimokawaii Little Dwarf

These large and unusual characters are part of the world made famous in a book by Japanese illustrator Toshitaka Nabata. Kobito Dukan literally means "dwarf encyclopedia" and what bizarre and imaginative dwarves these folk are! Known in Japanese as kimokawaii, a strange mix of the ugly (kimoi) and cute (kawaii), they prove that the grotesque can be appealing and adorable.

Kobito Dukan Character Cuddly Toy

There are three special Kobito Dukan characters to choose from in this new range of large-size cuddly toys, great for kids young and old bored of the usual Disney fare. Whether it's the tall and thin mushroom creature Benikino Kobito, the squat and friendly Little Hanagashira, or even the green goblin Kusamadara Ohkobito, you will surprize yourself by soon falling in love with these fantasy creations!

Kobito Dukan Character Cuddly Toy

The Kobito Dukan Characters Cuddly Toy features:

  • Large size cuddly toys from the Kobito Dukan (Dwarf Encyclopedia) world
  • Size: around 68-80cm (26.8-31.5")
  • Versions: Kusamadara Ohkobito, Little Hanagashira, Benikino Kobito

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