Kit Kat Mini White (Pack of 11)

White chocolate and crushed fiantine

Enjoy a unique combination of delicious flavors with the Kit Kat Mini White, another Japan-exclusive Kit Kat biscuit that is impossible to resist. The Kit Kat Mini White features white chocolate and crushed fiantine, a lightly baked crepe.

Part of Nestle Japan's Sweets for Grown-ups series, this is a sophisticated, balanced Kit Kat for the more demanding adult palate. You get 11 snacks in this pack, which should last you, well, at least a few minutes!

Specs and Features:

  • Exclusive to Japan
  • Contains 11 individually wrapped chocolate biscuits
  • Fiantine and white chocolate
  • Special limited edition for winter
  • Sweets for Grown-ups series
  • Dimensions: 165 x 250 x 35 mm (6.4 x 9.8 x 1.3")
  • Weight: 11.88 g (0.41 oz)
  • Energy (per piece): 55 kcal
  • Protein (per piece): 0.38 g (0.01 oz)
  • Fat (per piece): 3.1 g (0.10 oz)
  • Carbohydrates (per piece): 6.3 g (0.22 oz)
  • Salt equivalent (per piece): 0.004-0.014 g (0.00014-0.00049 oz)
  • Contains: chocolate mixed with other ingredients (sugar, lactose, vegetable oil/fat, whole milk powder, cocoa butter), wheat flour, vegetable oil, lactose, sugar, fiantine (contains soybeans), cream powder, cocoa powder, yeast, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, soy pulp powder, flavoring, baking soda
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