Kit Kat Mini Tamaruya Wasabi (10 Pack)

Japanese horse radish flavor chocolate biscuits

Most people would say sake or green tea or soy sauce, but the truth is that if we were to single out one particular flavor that is most characteristic to Japan, wasabi would be a major contender since it's the one with that special kick that enriches the flavors of sushi, sashimi, and wagyu. And, apparently, chocolate too – as in the Kit Kat Mini Tamaruya Wasabi, Nestle's latest addition to its special Kit Kat series that are only available in Japan and have become one of the most popular souvenirs among tourists.

And it isn't just any old wasabi either: for the 10 individually wrapped biscuits in the Kit Kat Mini Tamaruya Wasabi, the Swiss chocolate giant has collaborated with Tamaruya, a company that has been in the wasabi business since 1889 and based in Shizuoka Prefecture, considered the birthplace of wasabi in Japan. So what you get in this pack isn't just an unusual combination of sweetness and spiciness wrapped in white chocolate but a piece (or rather ten pieces) of culinary history too!

Specs and Features:

  • Exclusive to Japan
  • Contains 10 individually wrapped chocolate biscuits
  • Made with wasabi from Shizuoka (birthplace of wasabi) and in collaboration with famous local store
  • Energy (per piece): 62 kcal
  • Protein (per piece): 0.42 g
  • Fat (per piece): 3.5 g
  • Carbohydrates (per piece): 7.3 g
  • Salt equivalent (per piece): 0.005-0.017 g
  • Ingredients: chocolate mix (sugar, lactose, vegetable oil and fat, whole milk powder, cocoa butter), wheat flour, vegetable oil and fat, sugar, lactose, wasabi powder, cocoa powder, yeast, cocoa mass, whole milk powder, cocoa butter/emulsifier (from soybeans), acidulant, flavoring, coloring (safflower yellow, gardenia), baking soda, yeast food
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