Kit Kat Mini Strawberry Milk (33 Pack)

Japan-exclusive chocolate biscuit

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Strawberries and milk are probably not among the first things that you think of when you think of Japanese food, but the truth is that the Japanese love them. Strawberries are ubiquitous parts of sweets culture, most famously for cakes at Christmas. Milk, meanwhile, is consumed avidly and even makes its way into bread. Knowing that should help you understand why Nestle opted for this combo with the latest addition to its popular series of Kit Kat snacks inspired by Japanese flavors. The Kit Kat Mini Strawberry Milk is a homely, sweet delight that is a simple yet original twist on a classic chocolate snack. This is three packs of 11 Kit Kat Mini biscuits each (a total of 33 Kit Kat Minis).

Specs and Features:

  • 3 packs of 11 Kit Kat Mini chocolate biscuits (33 biscuits total)
  • Exclusive to Japan
  • Calories: 64 kcal per biscuit
  • Allergies: wheat, milk, soybean
  • Contains: chocolate, wheat, vegetable oils/fats, sugar, strawberry juice powder, condensed milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa/cacao mass, cocoa butter, etc.
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