Kanebo Lissage Men Foaming Soap

Luxury moisturizing face wash

As a man, you don't want products that are overly complicated or hard to use in the bathroom. The Kanebo Lissage Men Foaming Soap is a multipurpose skincare product that saves you time and money. For cleaning, moisturizing, and shaving, this soap lathers up superbly, getting rid of the need for expensive shaving creams, moisturizers, and soaps. Why? Because this product does it all. Kanebo has been researching ingredients for this product line since 1992 and started releasing them in 2015. That means, they are invested with 20 years of experience and development, so you know that quality is guaranteed.

Kanebo Lissage Men Foaming Soap
Kanebo Lissage Men Foaming Soap

The Kanebo Lissage Men Foaming Soap features:

  • For men
  • Face wash and moisturizer
  • Foaming type
  • 150 ml (5 fl oz)
  • Contains: water, glycerin, sodium, hydrolyzed silk, water-soluble collagen, Aloe vera leaf extract, sage leaf extract, etc.
  • Not recommended for use if you have skin issues
  • Rinse well if you get any soap in your eye
  • Packaging/graphic design by Kashiwa Sato
  • Instructions: Japanese
  • Made in Japan
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