Kanebo Clarifying Powder Wash

Powder-type facial cleanser

At first you might find it strange: a facial cleanser in powder form – and coming in capsules like those used in coffee machines?! Yes, the Kanebo Clarifying Powder Wash is groundbreaking and not just in terms of appearance. The unique cleansing wash combines two different powders (in two different colors, white and pink) that go deeper than the usual liquid or cream-like cleansers. Every time you use the powder, it refreshes your skin and allow your inner beauty to come to the surface!

What's really special about the Kanebo Clarifying Powder Wash is that it brings together three powerful cleaning enzymes (protease, lipase, and sodium methyl cocoyl taurate) that break down the impurities in your pores and remove excess sebum and dirt, plus contains two herbal extracts (rose hip and apricot) that moisturize the newly cleansed skin and leave it soft and smooth. The box contains 32 capsules, each with a 0.4 g (0.01 oz) mix of the two powerful powders that's perfect for any regular skin type.

Specs and Features:

  • 32 capsules
  • Contains: protease, lipase, sodium methyl cocoyl taurate, rose hip extract, apricot extract
  • Skin type: normal
  • Fragrance: floral
  • Weight/capsule: 0.4 g (0.01 oz)
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