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Kamikado Pick Up Stick Game

Designer Mikado game

From Japan to Europe and back again. The original Mikado is a European game that got its name from an alternate name for the Emperor of Japan. Here a French designer resident in Japan, Emmanuelle Moureaux, has gone back and recreated it in paper (kami). The results are a colorful version of a classic.

Kamikado Pick Up Stick Game

The beautiful-looking Kamikado has the same principle (pick up the sticks one at a time from the pile without moving the others) and number of sticks (41) as Mikado. How skillful are you with one hand? The person with the most sticks at the end wins!

Kamikado Pick Up Stick Game

The Kamikado Pick Up Sticks Game features:

  • Designed by Emmanuelle Moureaux
  • 41 sticks
  • For 2 or more players

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