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Issho ni Nenne Baby Minnie Mouse

Disney character womb doll for sleeping children by Takara Tomy

Several years ago Takara Tomy's Issho ni Nenne "womb doll" changed the way children sleep, recreating the sounds of the mother's womb. This would then help get an infant into a natural and better sleep cycle. We are really pleased that the Issho ni Nenne is back. One of the new versions is this Baby Minnie Mouse who, on top of being a cute cuddly doll, gently soothes your child with its eight melodies.

Issho ni Nenne Baby Minnie Mouse

Simply turn on Minnie and place her beside your child. As your infant grows sleepy they will hear the specially developed sounds, which will persuade them they are back inside their mother's womb, the most natural and relaxing environment ever. This then induces better, most sustained sleep patterns.

Issho ni Nenne Baby Minnie Mouse

The Issho ni Nenne Baby Minnie Minnie features:

  • For boys and girls
  • Intended for young infants
  • 8 melodies (2 environment songs, 1 womb song, 5 other melodies)
  • Volume is adjustable
  • Size: 300 x 180 x 175mm (11.8 x 7.1 x 6.9")
  • Timer: turns off after 15 minutes
  • Power: AA batteries (x 2)
  • Instructions: Japanese (but self-explanatory)

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