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Ice Ball Mold 30mm Water Molecule Maker

Ice-maker machine for your drinks iceball

Taishin's innovative and chic Ice Ball Mold has found its way into the kitchens, bars and restaurants of beverage enthusiasts and professionals around the globe. The series can create perfect ice spheres and all kinds of other shapes, and also work to keep your drinker cooler for longer. This mini 30mm version creates picturesque Water Molecule Ice which will simply amaze your guests and customers.

Ice Ball Mold 30mm Water Molecule Maker

Making the ice is easy too. Simply heat the aluminum mold in hot water, slip on your block of ice, attach the top and slide in the rods. This mini mold also comes with ice cube trays so you don't need to waste time between drinks, or you can even add the optional ice block makers so you be even more prepared.

Ice Ball Mold 30mm Water Molecule Maker

The Ice Ball Mold 30mm Water Molecule Maker features:

  • Ice ball/sphere-maker, ideal for both bars and domestic use
  • Made of aluminum, stainless steel and ABS
  • 30mm (1.2") water molecule version
  • Makes about 30-40 ice spheres per hour
  • Includes ice cube trays (x2)
  • Manual: English

Poids d'expédition: 1.2Kg / 2.64lbs
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