Hipshop GeGeGe no Kitaro Underwear Nurikabe

Classic manga-themed boxer shorts

Can a wall be a monster? Apparently it can and its superpower is making life difficult for people who are walking in the night – at least according to Japanese folklore. In the GeGeGe no Kitaro manga/anime series, this yokai (spirit/monster) is called Nurikabe and despite always being sleepy, it helps the lead character, Kitaro, shielding him from his enemies. Weird? It's supposed to be: this, after all, is a manga/anime about the supernatural! And if you like weird, you will love the Hipshop GeGeGe no Kitaro Underwear Nurikabe, an appropriately weird way to pay tribute to this special yokai!

The Hipshop GeGeGe no Kitaro Underwear Nurikabe is a pair of high-quality 60% polyester, 25% nylon, and 15% polyurethane boxers made in a seamless cut that is perfect as a surface for printing. The underwear features a big image of Nurikabe on the front and several smaller ones on the back showing the character's evolution through the years (GeGeGe no Kitaro has been around since 1960!). It comes in three sizes, and its special fabric blend helps it dry very quickly, so you'll be comfortable wearing the underwear even on the hottest days of summer!

Specs and Features:

  • Sizes: M, L, LL
  • Official GeGeGe no Kitaro merchandise
  • Seamless
  • Transfer print
  • Quick-drying
  • Waist (M): 76-84 cm (29.9-33")
  • Waist (L): 84-94 cm (33-37")
  • Waist (LL): 94-104 cm (37-40.9")
  • Material (body): polyester 60%, nylon 25%, polyurethane 15%
  • Material (waist band): nylon 90%, polyurethane 10%
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