Highest Germa Loop Necklace

Inorganic germanium pure titanium accessory

This inorganic germanium and pure titanium Highest Germa Loop Necklace has numerous health benefits, including boosting the immune system. On top of the germanium beads, the silicone rubber materials then reduces static electricity, while the simple magnetized joint means putting this on and off is a cinch for busy, sporty people. Available in a range of colors and sizes to suit all tastes and wardrobes.

Highest Germa Loop Necklace

The Highest Germa Loop Necklace features:

  • Materials: inorganic germanium, silicone rubber, pure titanium (Ti-2), oxidized micron titanium, neodymium magnet
  • Colors: black, white, blue, red, pink, yellow
  • Size: medium, large
  • Medium length: around 46cm (18.1")
  • Large length: around 55cm (21.7")
  • Made in Japan

Highest Germa Loop Necklace
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