Hello Kitty Towel

Sanrio character bathroom accessory

What's better than an image of Hello Kitty? How about a couple dozen of them, packed together on a beautiful towel that will brighten up your bathroom and turn every time you take a shower or wash your face into a deep dive into the world of kawaii culture? More than simply a bathroom accessory, the Hello Kitty Towel is a touch of interior decoration that transforms your bathroom into Tokyo's Harajuku, the area that taught the world what cuteness really is!

And not just one! The Hello Kitty Towel comes in two versions: one about 34 x 70 cm (13.4 x 27.6") for your face, and another about 45 x 110 cm (17.7 x 43.3") for your body. Since it's from the official Sanrio merchandise lineup, the Hello Kitty imagery is perfect and there's even her name embroidered in blue on the one end. As for fabric, it is 100% cotton but with silver nanoparticles that reduce bacteria and odors!

Specs and Features:

  • Official Sanrio / Hello Kitty merchandise
  • Options: face, bath
  • Contains silver nanoparticles for antibacterial and deodorant action
  • Machine washable
  • Dimensions (face): approx. 34 x 70 cm (13.4 x 27.6")
  • Dimensions (bath): approx. 45 x 110 cm (17.7 x 43.3")
  • Material: 100% cotton
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