Hello Kitty Birthday Necklace 2022

Sanrio character anniversary jewelry

When a figure as famous as Hello Kitty celebrates a birthday, it's bound to be special – even if this birthday is as mundane as the 47th. Japan's favorite cat and the perfect encapsulation of what the Japanese mean when they say "kawaii" (cute or adorable) appeared for the first time in 1975, and one of the special items Sanrio has produced to celebrate her birthday for 2022 is the Hello Kitty 2022 Birthday Necklace, an item very different from the usual examples of Hello Kitty merchandise.

Comprising a 45 cm (17.7") long, 18k gold-plated copper chain and two 1 x 1.5 cm (0.4 x 0.6") 18k gold-plated zinc alloy charms, the Hello Kitty 2022 Birthday Necklace is an elegant, stylish, and graceful piece of jewelry that works equally well with everyday casual outfits and evening dresses worn on special occasions. As for the charms, there's one featuring Hello Kitty and another has her twin sister and best friend, Mimmy, both wearing a shoulder hood with a big bow!

Specs and Features:

  • Official Sanrio merchandise
  • Charms: Kitty, Mimmy
  • Charm dimensions: approx. 1 x 1.5 cm (0.4 x 0.6")
  • Chain length: approx. 45 cm (17.7") (including the adjuster)
  • Materials: chain, 18k gold-plated copper, charm, 18k gold-plated zinc alloy
  • For ages 12 and above
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