Face Iron II

Skin care warm bath beauty tool


The Face Iron II gives you a 42°C (108°F) warm steam bath sensation that will rejuvenate your skin. Simple to operate, just place it over on face and press the button once for the low setting, or twice for the high one. As the name suggests, it is shaped like a mini iron, making it very easy to hold.

Face Iron II

Compact and lightweight, it can fit comfortably and safely against almost any part of the face, even under the eyes. And being slender, you can keep it in your bag when you go to work, ready for when your tired skin needs some TLC.

Face Iron II

You can use it all over the face for the best results, though the tool is also designed for use on other parts of the body for total skin care treatment. Switch between the separate modes for body care (high) and facial care (low) to vary the vibrations and provide a hot spring-like sensation for your skin.

The Face Iron II features:

  • Recommended for use for 3-5 minutes per day
  • Use damp towel to cool down skin after use
  • Colors: gold, pink, red, white, black
  • Size: around 100 x 55 x 53mm (3.9 x 2.2 x 2.1")
  • Weight: around 92g (3.2 oz)
  • High/low settings
  • Battery: 3.7V, 2,200mA
  • Power: micro USB 5V 1A Max
  • Charging time: around 4 hours
  • Can be used for around 2-4 hours on full charge
  • Includes USB-AC adapter, charging cable
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to understand)