Elecom Cook Mug

Small cup-shaped electric pot

The usual suspect for the Elecom Cook Mug would be instant ramen: this is Japan, after all, so a small (128 x 130 x 94 mm/5 x 5.1 x 3.7") electric pot you can carry around for cooking and immediately eat out of is perfect for noodles, right? But the truth is that there are hidden depths to this small cooker that go well beyond just a pack of ramen: you can do real cooking with it!

The Elecom Cook Mug has three temperature settings (45, 60, and 100°C, or 113, 140, and 212°F) and two modes (boil and stew), allowing you to use it to prepare everything from hot cocoa to soup and curry. It has a maximum capacity of 350 ml (11.8 fl oz) so that you make a full portion, and its three timers (for 10, 40 and 70 minutes) mean you don't even have to get too involved: just set it up and let it do its thing! The Cook Mug also has a handle to make eating from it easier, plus it comes in three attractive colors: mint, pink, and white!

Specs and Features:

  • Colors: mint, pink, white
  • Modes: boil, stew
  • Temperatures: 45, 60, 100°C (113, 140, 212°F)
  • Timer: 10, 40, 70 minutes
  • Capacity: 350 ml (11.8 fl oz)
  • Dimensions: 128 x 130 x 94 mm (5 x 5.1 x 3.7")
  • Weight: approx. 440 g (1 lb)
  • Operating voltage: AC 100 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 275 W
  • Power cord length: 1.5 m (4.9 ft)
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese
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