Dual Roller Platinum Body Massager

Double massage for face and body

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Healthcare and beauty products should not only work well, they should look good too! Why do most of them look so industrial and cold? Ya-man wanted to add a touch of glamor to their latest face massager so they came up with the Dual Roller Platinum Body, in a rather snazzy double design: it has two rollers but also two possible shapes for different massaging angles. The rollers can be spread into a useful v-shape, perfect for doing your neck or face, arms or legs, since they can massage both sides at once. Or, just collapse the rollers together and you have a new massager that is great for working on your stomach or back.

Dual Roller Platinum Body Massager

These kinds of rollers are HUGE in Japan, where women take their skincare very seriously. Combat sagging, wrinkles and aching muscles by spending 3 minutes a day attending to the parts of your face and body that give you concern. The rollers have nubs and bumps designed to perk up the skin and they turn and spin without needing any special speed or effort from you. Even better, this Dual Roller Platinum can be used in the bath and needs no batteries. With its platinum and germanium powder-fitted surface, this massager is durable, "luxury" but also so simple that anyone can use it, well, anywhere! This set also comes with a keep-safe pouch for storage, plus a cloth for wiping down and maintaining the roller.

Dual Roller Platinum Body Massager

The Dual Roller Platinum Roller features:

  • Size: 69 x 116 x 82mm (2.7 x 4.6 x 3.2")
  • Weight: about 280g (0.6 lb)
  • Includes pouch and cloth
  • Materials: ABS, aluminum, stainless steel, platinum powder, germanium powder
  • Waterproof
  • Change angle and shape of roller: v-shape or both together

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