Dragon Quest Monster Pen Slime Set

Pack of six game character markers

In a country with such a huge output of manga and anime like Japan, it's only natural that children would love drawing and painting. As a matter of fact, the average Japanese child could very well amaze you with what they can do with a set of colored pencils or markers – like those in the Dragon Quest Monster Pen Slime Set!

Featuring the colors of the six most popular Slimes in the Dragon Quest franchise (the blue of the regular Slime, the yellow of the Lemon Slime, the pink of the Pink Slime, the orange of the She-Slime, the green of the Lime Slime, the dark blue of the Healslime, and the silver of the Metal Slime), the Dragon Quest Monster Pen Slime Set allows you to draw amazing pictures. Each pen is about 10 x 160 mm (0.4 x 6.3") and has two tips, one for drawing and another for filling, so you get is a complete toolkit. All you need to add is your imagination!

Specs and Features:

  • Official Dragon Quest merchandise
  • Contains 6 colors: light blue, dark blue, yellow, orange, green, silver
  • Dimensions (pen): approx. 10 x 160 mm (0.4 x 6.3")
  • Double tip: painting tip and 0.5 mm writing tip
  • Materials: PP, water-based ink
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