Dragon Ball Kamesenryu Training Backpack

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The period when Goku and Krillin were training under Master Roshi in his Kamesenryu style is particularly loved by both Dragon Ball fans and martial artists, who see their own hardships in the efforts of the two young heroes. One particular scene that stands out is when after a hard day of practice starting with a milk run and ending with avoiding a shark, dinosaur, and nest of hornets, Goku and Krillin learn that they will do that again the next day, only this time wearing on their back a 20 kg (45 lb) turtle shell-shaped backpack. One just like the Dragon Ball Kamesenryu Training Backpack!

To be fair, the Dragon Ball Kamesenryu Training Backpack doesn't weigh 20 kg (45 lb): it's a plush version of the original that while it won't help you become as strong as the two young fighters in the manga, will certainly make you look like them! Suitable for everyday use and cosplay events, it's an actual 35 backpack with a length of about 35 cm (13.8"), a zippered closure, and adjustable shoulder straps. The visuals exactly match the turtle shell backpacks Master Roshi gave Goku and Krillin – color, patterns, and all!

Specs and Features:

  • Official Dragon Ball merchandise
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Closure: zipper
  • Length: approx. 35 cm (13.8")
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