Deoest Deodorizing Socks

Antibacterial, odor-resistant men's socks

For the Japanese who live in a culture where shoes aren't worn indoors, wearing impeccably clean socks is a matter of paramount importance. This is the reason you can get dark dress socks even at convenient stores in Japan. But the fact is, our socks are the item of our clothing most prone to bad odors: imprisoned as they are in our shoes, socks don't allow the sweat from our feet to dry and sooner or later, odor-producing bacteria appear. Unless, of course, you are wearing the Deoest Deodorizing Socks!

Available in two designs (basic ribbed and double stripes), three colors (black, navy, and gray), and for sizes 25-27 and 25-26 cm, the Deoest Deodorizing Socks are suitable for wearing with suits like those Japanese office workers wear every day, but are perfectly good for casual use as well. Made from a cotton and nylon blend (with polyurethane added for the basic rib model), they have interwoven fibers ceramic and metal ion particles to kill about 80% of all odors within 30 seconds, and keep on killing them even after you 100 washes!

Specs and Features:

  • Colors: black, navy, gray
  • Options: basic ribbed, double stripes
  • Kills 80% of odors within 30 seconds
  • Ceramic and metal ion particles woven into the fabric to absorb odors
  • Deodorization effective even after 100 washes
  • Sizes: basic ribbed 25-27 cm (US men's 7-9, EU 40-42.5), double stripes 25-26 cm (US men's 7-8, EU 40-41)
  • Materials (basic ribbed): cotton, nylon, polyurethane
  • Materials (double stripes): cotton, nylon
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