Cutensil Hitoiki Aroma

Electrical home aroma oil dispenser

This Cutensil Hitoiki Aroma looks just like an incense burner but doesn't actually require any flames, so you can just leave it to dispense relaxing fragrances into your home. All you need do is pour on some aroma oils and just turn it on.

Cutensil Hitoiki Aroma

The aroma oils will be dispensed by the heat from the electricity (USB or batteries). But here's the neat touch. Just like a candle, you turn the Cutensil Hitoiki off by "blowing" out the "flame" (hitoiki means "one breath"). Available in three cute colors (pink, white or blue).

Cutensil Hitoiki Aroma

The Cutensil Hitoiki Aroma features:

  • Colors: pink, blue, white
  • Power: USB, AA batteries x 2 (not included)
  • Size: around 100 x 70mm (3.9 x 2.8")
  • Cable: around 100cm (3.3 ft)
  • Weight: around 102g (3.6 oz)
  • No naked flames required
  • "Blow" on the "candle" to turn it off
  • Materials: PP, stainless steel
  • Aroma oils are not included. Please use your own (100% pure essence oils).
  • Instructions: Japanese only (but easy to use)

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