Cooling-Heating Shiki Bed Pad

Summer, winter sleeping mat

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Ideal for both summer and winter, this Shiki Pad bed mat will reduce your air-conditioning by around 25% and your heating by about 10%, plus it allows you to control the water temperature from 15-48°C (59-118°F). Hot water bottles are old school; this is a sophisticated piece of sleeping technology that can be utilized in multiple seasons.

Cooling-Heating Shiki Bed Pad

Providing natural coolness and warmth, France Bed's Shiki Pad can be washed and has been designed to help budget-minded and recession-conscious householders stay comfortable whatever the season, while also saving money compared to using air-conditioners or regular heaters.

Cooling-Heating Shiki Bed Pad

The control pad is easy to use and adjust to the temperature you want, while the bed itself is made from materials very pleasant to lie on. Safe and convenient, the pad will switch itself on to sleep mode after one hour so you can relax into your dreams. The silicone tubes drive cooling or warming temperatures evenly over the mat and the only maintenance the Shiki Pad requires is for the water to be topped up after the level drops, and to be fully replaced every two months.

The France Bed Cooling-Heating Shiki Pad features

  • Size: about 97 x 195cm (38.2 x 76.8")
  • Adjustable temperature: around 15-48°C (59-118°F)
  • Washable
  • Output: 120w
  • Water volume: around 750ml (25.4 fl oz)
  • Power: AC100V, 50/60Hz
  • Materials: polyester (3D mesh), cotton, silicone tubes
  • Manual: Japanese (but easy to use)

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