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Cat Paw Toothbrush

Japanese kawaii fashion dental oral care

In the latest example of Japanese kawaii fashion culture permeating every walk of Japanese life, the Cat Paw Toothbrush takes the country's obsession with feline characters to the dentist and back.

Cat Paw Toothbrush

Available in white "Gal Style", pink "Gal Red" or black "Hot Choco" versions, each pack contains a main "cat paw" brush to which you can then attach the toothbrush head. The three special brushes are made in collaboration with models and illustrators.

Cat Paw Toothbrush

The Cat Paw Toothbrush features:

  • Colors: White, pink, black
  • Brush type: regular
  • Limited edition

Poids d'expédition: 0.2Kg / 0.44lbs
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