Breast Line Cover Bust Hider

Preserve chest modesty

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Japanese women are well-known for their beauty but sometimes this draws unwanted attention. Trust them to come up with a simple but stylish solution! Now you too can keep leering eyes at bay with this practical and discreet Breast Line Cover, a camisole-style apparel accessory that clips onto your bra to preserve the modesty of your chest in certain occasions.

Breast Line Cover Bust Hider

Especially good in the summer months when you want to stay cool; this cover means you can still keep your chest hidden without having to wearing a hot t-shirt or vest underneath. There are two sizes and six colors to choose from (purple, white, gray with white dots, brown, charcoal gray, and black), meaning this useful item will fit into just about any woman's essential wardrobe.

Breast Line Cover Bust Hider

The Breast Line Cover Bust Hider features:

  • Size: M (79-87cm, 31-34") or L (86-94cm, 33.9-37")
  • Color: purple, white, gray (white dots), brown, charcoal gray, black
  • Material: cotton
  • Made in Japan

Breast Line Cover Bust Hider
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