Barth For Beauty Bath Tablets

Neutral bicarbonate bath salts

Most bath salts you will find in the Japanese market have been made to replicate the effect of different famous hot springs around the country: a few days at a spa or hot spring is the preferred way to spend a vacation in Japan, and you can find dozens of products that bring the smell and ingredients of them to your bathtub. Once in a while, though, there comes a product that isn't just about feeling good when soaking in your bath but actually benefiting your body. The Barth For Beauty Bath Tablets are one such product!

With a composition based on medicinal neutral bicarbonate made from natural carbonated spring water, the Barth For Beauty Bath Tablets help your skin and hair recover from exposure to the elements and from daily fatigue. Boosting your body's natural way of replacing dead cells, it improves your blood flow and allows your temperature to rise naturally. And at the same time, thanks to its collagen and hyaluronic acid, it gives your skin moisture and elasticity, making it look young and radiant. It comes in packs of 9, 30, or 90 tablets.

Specs and Features:

  • Options: 9 tablets, 30 tablets, 90 tablets
  • Fragrance: non-scented
  • Contains collagen, hyaluronic acid, sodium hydrogen carbonate, sodium carbonate, vitamin C
  • Recommended dosage: 3 tablets in 160 liters of water
  • Recommended soaking time: at least 15 min.
  • No added fragrance and coloring
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