Ballon Sakura Aroma Bath Salts

Cherry blossom scent bathing

It's something that visitors to Japan always ask: Is there anything that the Japanese won't associate with cherry blossoms? From bathroom tiles to sweets, fabrics, and mascots, the five-petal flowers with the tiny cut on the top are ubiquitous in Japan. And with the Ballon Sakura Aroma Bath Salts, this now includes your bathtub! Just a few grams of the unique salts will have your bathwater smelling like early spring in a Kyoto garden!

The Ballon Sakura Aroma Bath Salts come in a beautiful 160 g (5.6 oz) bottle containing a blend of cherry blossoms, Himalayan salt, and natural essential oils of geranium, camphor, patchouli, cypress, kuromoji, juniper, and frankincense. The fragrance has hints of humidity, moist soil, and trees breathing with the rejuvenating spring breeze. This mix is also very soft on your skin, so you can sit in the bathtub for a long time and let it really soak into your body. With the bottle comes also an organza drawstring bag, allowing you to use the exact amount of salts you want in your bath!

Specs and Features:

  • Ingredients: cherry blossoms, Himalayan salt, 100% natural essential oils
  • Fragrances: cherry blosssom, geranium, camphor, patchouli, cypress, kuromoji, juniper, frankincense
  • Comes with organza drawstring bag
  • Weight: 160 g (5.6 oz)
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